Citrine roughemerald roughBrazil emerald roughAmethyst roughSynthetic roughIndian emeraldGarnet roughonyxAquamarinebrazil amethysttumble garnetMozambique garnetgreen onyxamethyst small sizetumble emeraldgreen garnetCitrinemoonstonesmall citrinefake rubytumble rubyaqua minestumble garnetbrazil amethystclean emerald aqua big rockgarnet crack roughaqua light white rainbowreal emeraldblue sapphiresecond garnet rough rotiledark amethyst moonstone rough
aquamarine light
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About Us

We are manufacture gems Cut stones, Cabochons gems, fancy Gemstones and silver jewelry. We constantly try and introduce new patterns and designs according to the trade in the market, which is one of our plus point. We also execute orders on the prompt delivery basis. Np gems is created pure silver jewelry, Necklace, Ring, Bracelets, Earring, Anklets, Pearl Jewelry, Silver jhumkas, & Pendants in original gemstones. We are manufacturer and wholesaler in silver jewelry now we are selling Dubai, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Brazil, Russia and New York.

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