• semi-precious gems

    Precious and semi-precious Gemstones

    Cabochons simply a piece of gemstones, cabs are not cut only simple material shaped and polished. We have hand polish cabochons with natural shine cabs gens and synthetic cabochons (cabs) gems are available for best making and polish. Now we are sell latest unique, antic & more beautiful cabochons.

  • Red Garnet

    Red Open Garnet & Semi-Precious Gems

    Garnet gemstones is a most popular gems in jewelry, Red garnet is a best color combination for jewelry. Two types of garnet gems cut & Cabochons. We have many type of garnet gems (Red open garnet, Green garnet, Pink garnet, Black garnet, ) and shape, size & cutting is most important for gems look beautiful. Garnet is found all over the world…..

  • Silver Jewelry

    Fashionable & Silver jewelry in real gemstones

    Jewelry are most important for fashion & Jaipur is a big market gems & jewelry for wholesale. There are many Sliver and Gold jewelry (stylish new look jewelry and historical jewelry). We have both and stylish jewelry jewelry to large collection for wholesale price. {Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings.}

  • Rough Gems

    National & International Minerals rough

    Whether you are looking for brazil Minerals rough, Amethyst rough, Citrine rough, Aquamarine rough, Ruby rough, Natural rough, Emerald rough all mines rough are available. The term rough describes a group name for several closely related minerals that from important gemstones.

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Synthetic & Semi precious Gems

We are Supplier Semi-Precious & Synthetic Gemstone in Jaipur (INDIA). We Supply American Diamond, Red Open Garnet, glass stone, Onyx, Amethyst Etc.

Cabochons (Cabs) Gems

We have a many types of Cabochons(Cabs) gems in different Shape & Size. We are sale Cabs Gems in 3mm to Free size for Jewelry & Artificial.

Minrel Rough

Np Gems offer mineral rough are good quality & Cheapest rate in brazil mines. We have a big rough stock in amethyst , Citrine, red Garnet & artificial polished rough.

Fashionable Jewelry

Collection of New beautiful men's and ladies' design latest jewelry and beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, Ring, pendle, Marriage Jewelry and much more…….

Semi-precious Gemstones

Define Semi precious Gemstones and fancy cut gems , Normal cut gems............

Semi precious cut gems

All Gems are Semi-precious gemstones but some gems are not semi{Diamond, Blue sapphire, hessonite, Ruby, Turquoise, } this is not call semi-precious, it is call Precious gems. Semi-precious Gems {Amethyst Gems, Citrine Gems, Garnet Gems, Iolite Gems, Moonstone Gems, Sunstone Gems, Peridot gems and American Diamond Gems} are natural not synthetic & no imitation. Semi Gems value are very cheapest rate according to precious gems & Diamond. But it’s a big value in gems market, because semi-gems is original gemstones, no duplicate & no synthetic ) and you purchase easily of reasonable price, so this most popular gems in gems market, these are prepare to three types 1. Cut Gems 2. Cabochons (Cab) Gems 3.Fancy cut Gems { Cut , Fancy cut, & Cabochons is the making of most important for look a beautiful gems.}. Main point is depend on making and quality gems for a look more beautiful shine semi gems .Semi precious Gems are available more colors & different shape & size.

Synthetic Fancy Cut Gems

Special concave cut, drops cut, checker cut, cab shape gems are anything.....

Special concave cut, drops cut, checker cut,

Np Gems Exporters, Suppliers of Fancy Color Gems , We are manufacture , wholesale Semi-precious Cut & Cabochons (Cabs) Suppliers, on different type of gemstone in your country. Definition a gemstones is durable, beautiful and rare, we have a big lot of best quality & best making Gemstones. We have a premier gemstone that will beautiful complement your personal style and many more items with effective & timely delivery. Providing you the best range of fancy cut gemstones { Like, most beautiful fancy cut gems for jewelry attractive}.There are available some interesting cut style, Synthetic gemstone special cut, Beautiful Concave cut, Tumbler, Cushion cut, Briolette cut, Princess cut, Portuguese Cut, Curved Facets gemstones, and designer fantasy cut gems all have their special place so we have a wide variety of each. We for the most part limited to give best quality items to our customers. These item are produced utilizing best quality materials and accessible in business sector at pocket reasonable Prices.

Rough minerals Wholesale

wholesale rough minerals, polished rough, garnet rough, tumbled rough......

garnet rough

Minerals rough means :- big stone of rock, its cut small size and then use for make gemstones. This is most important part of gemstones & Jewelry, without these gems jewelry not complete. We have many types of rough, Brazil mines, Aquamarine rough, Amethyst rough, Citrine rough, Red garnet rough, Ruby rough, Turquoise rough, Nigeria mines, Africa mines. Indian mines rough sell Black rotile rough, Golden rotile rough, Rhodolite garnet rough and duplicate (imitation ) rough. We have mineral rough three quality, First , second, and third. First quality is best clean direct mines rough, Second quality is middle rough, it’s some rough of crack and clean, third rough is lowest quality and cheapest price (you can prepare to small size clean gemstones in third rough quality). Np Gems is import all rough and Indian mines rough so that region we are sell all rough reasonable & cheapest price. Small size rough you can polished direct for artificial jewelry & Gemstones product to ready.

Np Gems silver jewelry

Silver jewelry, Casting jewelry designs, Handmade silver jewelry, Fashion jewelry

Casting jewelry designs

Jewelry part of fashion, without jewelry fashion market is dead. Jaipur is a big market on Jewelry and For centuries the jewelry is created. Np gems is created pure silver jewelry, Necklace, Ring, Bracelets, Earring, Anklets, Pearl Jewelry, Silver jhumkas, & Pendants in original gemstones. We are manufacturer and wholesaler in silver jewelry Now we are selling Dubai, Taiwan , Thailand, Spain, Brazil, Russia and New York. We have collection new stylish , cute girls jewelry, latest fashionable, trendy fashion jewelry, wide selection of fashion jewelry, cool teen jewelry, silver jewelry in wholesale price. We are use to American diamond in jewelry because it’s beautiful gems and then jewelry more beautiful. Then reason we are selling silver jewelry on your budget (very cheapest pure silver jewelry in original gemstones ). we have birth jewelry & Zodiac (Raashi) jewelry . if you are looking for Zodiac jewelry & Zodiac Gemstones so Np Gems is best place shopping for you and many jewelry you are purchase in your budget.

Natural cabochons gemstone( cabs)

New design cabochons, antic and new cut cabochons Gems .......

new cut cabochons Gems

Cabochons which have been shaped and polished without cut. Cabochons have many shape, size and stones, Opal cabs, Moonstone cabs, Onyx cabs, sunstones cabs, Rainbow cabs, Citrine cabs, Amethyst Cabs. Semi-precious gems and synthetic gems using to cabs gemstones. Cabochons main think is polish, hand polish is one of the best polish on cabochons, because after hand polish then making quality and shining is look more beautiful. Cabochons two type in market, first very heavy weight and big width stone, this style so old and second cabochons light weight and look like lean gems, it’s a latest fashion in market and now using in necklace, earring, ring and jewelry. Cabochons is very cheapest rate to cut Gemstone. Mostly cabs to ready oval, Round, Pears shape, its common shape in cabochons gems and make locket . The spot to express your innovativeness through the purchasing and offering of high quality and good.

Precious gemstones

Natural Precious Gems and Zodiac Gems…………

Natural Precious Gems

Precious Gems are also call a fine gems and natural gems. These are natural gems( Diamond gems, Blue sapphire, Emerald gems, Hessonite gems, Ruby gems, Turquoise gems) not artificial gems . it’s a making quality is awesome and Precious gems is most beautiful original gems according to Semi-precious and synthetic gemstones. Famous precious gems shape is Oval, Round, Pears, Square, marquees, fancy design and the most popular shape is heart shape . there are many cutting style and best cut “ diamond cut”. Diamond cut is a attractive & shining design. Precious gems are use gold & silver jewelry, mostly it’s using on gold jewelry because precious stones are fit in gold jewelry then jewelry are more beautiful. Best option of prepare to beautiful gems so right combination is precious and semi-precious gemstones in use to jewelry. After you have get beautiful jewelry. Precious gems is available only original color and different shape and size. Diamond and Precious gems is world famous gemstones.

I ordered a Zodiac gems from them in the past and it was a good cut and quality, I ordered 5 gemstones piece this time, shipping was free with cheapest rate gems in good quality. Hung Vo (Bangkok)
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Red Garnet gemstone is a best quality and garnet rough very cheapest rate, that one of the most of altercative to me….. Sunil Saini (India)
Last year I have purchase many cut & cabs gems, these are beautiful gems and making quality is very nice.…. David Martin (New york)
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I am a rough dealer in Mumbai, I have purchase garnet rough by Np Gems. Rough is good quality & transparent rough, that is awesome, Thanks Np Gems……..Rahul Kumar (India)
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We are manufacture gems Cut stones, Cabochons gems, fancy Gemstones and silver jewelry. We constantly try and introduce new patterns and designs according to the trade in the market, which is one of our plus point. We also execute orders on the prompt delivery basis. Np gems is created pure silver jewelry, Necklace, Ring, Bracelets, Earring, Anklets, Pearl Jewelry, Silver jhumkas, & Pendants in original gemstones. We are manufacturer and wholesaler in silver jewelry now we are selling Dubai, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Brazil, Russia and New York.

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